Evolution Martial Arts offers programs for Primary and High Schools

Speaking / Seminars

Motivational Speaking
Goal Setting, Self-Belief and Resilience

School Sport (High School)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fitness and Conditioning classes are available for Social Sport. Encouraging fitness and skill development, our experienced instructors teach and inspire students with martial arts drills and exercised. Guaranteed to get the blood pumping! The program will develop strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and also have students thinking about healthy lifestyle choices.

PE/PASS (High School)

Students very actively participate in a fun and educational session utilising the latest sport science methods of training during their timetables PE and PASS lessons.

Our instructor demonstrates Body Control, the Principles of Fitness, How to target specific Energy Systems and ways to design a workout lesson.

Karate in the Classroom (Primary School)

Students are highly engaged in this 10-week program culminating in grading to their first belt colour. The short-course offers simple and effective self-defence drills, an introduction to modern karate techniques in a fun yet disciplined environment and an opportunity to graduate to the first coloured belt - yellow belt white stripe.

Evolution Martial Arts has worked with the following schools: Pennant Hills High School, William Edwards School (England).