B INSPIRED 2017 Karate-do Youth Development Training Camp and Workshops


The B Inspired Youth Development Training Camp was designed and is committed to helping young karate students and athletes develop their skills and knowledge. The aim is to motivate, inspire and assist these athletes achieve greater results in the competition arena, connect with other aspiring karate students and understand what is required to achieve their goals. New skills, new friends and new experiences! The B Inspired motto is very simple: INSPIRATION FUELS MOTIVATION AND MOTIVATION IS EVERYTHING.

2017 B Inspired had special a guest: Matsuhisa aka Monster, an intelligent fighter, highly successful competitor and legendary instigator of the scorpion kick in karate competition.

What went on...

Monster had a surprisingly enormous personality, he was full of fun and and had an eagerness for each and every person at the B Inspired series fall in love with karate. Matsuhisa explained to the camp that he loves people who love and appreciate karate and he hoped that this B Inspired experience would help people to love it even more. Thank you to Tsuneari Yahiro for translating Monster's messages.

Our group excitedly assembled at the Sydney Academy of Sport. Although designed primarily for aspiring high-school aged karate students, the line-up included a handful of elite senior athletes from around Australia and New Zealand. Rooms were allocated and camp shirts distributed. 

The Academy is a training world. Athletes stay in on-site accomodation, all meals are provided & training facilities are almost at your doorstep. The only time our group left the Academy was on the team bus to sunrise beach training at Narrabeen Beach (just 6 minutes drive away). The luxury of having no distractions was good. It meant that students at the camp were very focused on karate development and spent lots of time together and created valuable new friendships.

Karate sessions were 4-5 hours per day, plus boxing, swimming and beach training. Video sessions were run each afternoon, reinforcing ideas learned that day. Meals were great, 3 times a day in the diner and made by the on-site chef. Accomodation was simple and clean. The Academy is surrounded by a beautiful bushland setting and the Sydney Northern Beaches run for kilometres up and down the coast in that area. Its quite a stunning part of the world. It was Sydney, Australia in the summer in a heat-wave.

What was the karate like?

With Monster on the floor you can imagine the atmosphere! He not only lived up to, but exceeded all expectations in his abilities in kumite. From his no-motion approach to setting-up and delivering techniques... right through to his kumite strength is and conditioning we were utterly impressed. His world-famous Scorpion-Kick (sosori-geri) was very popular! Each day finished with an hour of free-sparring. We were extremely luck to have  him join in these sessions. At one stage you could have mistaken the karate mat for a scorpion pit. It was brilliant seeing the students immediately applying what they had learnt in the days sessions during free-sparring.

For me personally I was really genuinely happy at this event. The whole group seemed happy and now excited and motivated. Training karate was brilliant, at a beautiful venue and with the company of old and new friends - it is hard to beat! I highly recommend you jump on-board these camps if given the opportunity.

The 2-day workshop at TARA high school was also terrific. It was all ages from 8 years and above. The karate with Matsuhisa on show was brilliant, the people in attendance were friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic. The group BBQ lunch each day created a relaxing social environment for all the participants to meet inside the grounds at TARA school. The camp and workshop prize draw took place on the final day of the workshop. The unbelievable prize of a Japan team kumite gi was won by Kye Townsend - a very lucky and very deserving winner. Thank you for a this generous donation.

Thank you... 

Big thank you's go to Matsuhisa for joining our group and sharing karate with us; Tsuneari & his family Mr & Mrs Yahiro for organising, translating and hosting; Michael Ettingshausen for his support and his brilliant video and photography madpix.com.au; our guests and friends from New Zealand, Victoria and QLD; James Carrett for his photography; the Academy of Sport for the wonderful venue and staff; and of course the families who support their children and our camps with attendance.

Outside of karate... we enjoyed spending time with his Australian friends and sightseeing. He visited the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach by Harley Davidson (with Ray Morcomb Snr), Palm Beach by Ferrari (with George Georgias), the sun, surf and sand and Sydney in the heat of Summer.

To be honest, we already loved karate, but now we really love it, thank you Monster! And thank you to all the people who attended the camp and workshop series who made it a happy place to work so hard together.

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Words by Tanya Morcomb