Term 1 2018 ASKL was a pleasure to watch! The sportsmanship, skills and heart shown by the competitors was inspiring. Thank you to our wonderful families for bringing the kids and to the competitors for giving it their best shot with such character. We saw older competitors helping the younger ones at their first events and those new competitors going on the mat with such bravery and doing us all proud. If you missed this one, please book your place at ASKL Term 2 at Pennant Hills High School now. trybooking.com/UKST

Saturday Kumite Workshops were taught by multiple-times Australian and International kumite Champion Tsuneari Yahiro. Tsuneari needs litte introduction to our Cadets and Shoto Club students as we are lucky to have him teaching regularly at the dojo. Our Karate Kidz learned so much too! His knoweledge is extraordinary on the subject of scoring points in karate and his workshop was a brilliant preparation for the ASKL the following day... and for taking the students to the next step in their understanding and application of techniques toward their black belt grading (and beyond).

Sensei Michael Ettingshausen and Bernardo Trekko taught grappling. Bernardo was contracted and fought in the UFC (professional MMA). His ability to teach and perform grappling are amazing! So many skills from the workshops were directly applied in the competition the next day - see it, practice it, apply it... well done!

The standard of teachers and instruction at these club workshops are unbelievable. The students loved it and gained so much. Please take advantage of what is on offer - its a very special event made available only by the connections and friendships that Ray and Michael Sensei's have made in their martial arts journeys. 


Well done to all competitors at Sunday's All Star Karate League Competition. Thank you to parents and families for their support and to our referees, table officials and marshalls.

Congratulations to all our competitors. The kumite events were exciting and the sportmanship was outstanding. Special mention for Kumite goes to Raymond Luo who is a yellow-belt white stripe 6 year old having his first competition. Following some encouragment at the sidelines from Pat Adji (one of our experienced competitors) he walked onto the mat and bowed to his opponent, ready to go. After 'haime' (start) he used his reverse punch techniques really well, but unfortuantely his opponent was too good on the day and scored more points. Congratulations Raymond on your skills and bravery! Jensen Rochford achieved a bronze medal in kumite with a stellar performance - a huge improvement in his focus and skills and a performance to be congratulated!

The grappling events were all skill and heart on the sleeve. Congratualtions to everyone for their personal efforts and achievements. In particular Nixon Rochford had one of his personal best performances, achieving a silver medal in the grappling.

The ASKL motto is 'Challenge Yourself' - congratulations everyone on achieving just that! 


The introduction of the ASKL Workshops has been a great success. The focus of the weekend as a whole is on developing young students and young people. By combining the workshop and competition we provide an environment that teaches our students about training, performance, preparation, pressure, nerves, competition and perseverence. It is a wonderful moment when students can be heard encouraging each other and congratulating others on their perfomances in the workshop and competition- from both Evolution Martial Arts and Ettingshausens.


Pics by Michael Ettingshausens www.madpix.com.au