Beginners welcome all year round to join our most energetic class at Evolution Martial Arts. 

Classes are high-energy, scientifically-designed instructional sessions. Develop focus, physical fitness, martial arts techniques, cooperation and competition strategy. Teachers work toward our students becomming self-motivated and equipped with skills for karate and the classroom.

Through our guidance into the competition circuit students gain skills for life. Learning how to participate without fear of failure, ability to perform at your best and develop goal setting skills are paramount. The EMA club circuit has 8 events per year in the All Star Karate League (ASKL). 

Social events, Karate Camps, Martial Arts Seminars and travel are available to all. In 2016 the EMA Cadets visited the prestigious Meitoku-Gijuku High School in Japan for 2 weeks of karate training and immersion in Japanese High School life.